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Howard Maniloff, former associate professor at Carolina’s School of Education, dies at 73

Howard Maniloff

Howard Maniloff, former member of the faculty at the School of Education, died Wednesday (Feb. 8). He was 73.

Maniloff had a long career as a teacher, principal and superintendent before going to work at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, where he served as associate state superintendent.

At NCDPI, Maniloff authored the Basic Education Plan, outlining the state's educational obligation to its children. The plan established that every child in the state should be guaranteed a basic education including not only reading, writing and arithmetic, but also advanced sciences, mathematics, health and physical education, the arts, and second languages. The plan included guidance counselors and programs to meet the needs of exceptional children.

He joined the faculty at the School of Education in 1991 as an associate professor of leadership. In 1993 Howard became disabled from a stroke and stepped down from his teaching position.

The School of Education awarded Howard the Distinguished Leadership Award in 2002 for his promotion of a strong public education model in North Carolina.

“Howard’s storied understanding of all aspects of public schooling and continued servant leadership was a model for us all,” said Larry Mabe (Ed.D. ’93), a member of the School of Education’s Alumni Council member and former superintendent of Chatham County Schools.

Maniloff was living in Chapel Hill. He was born in Baltimore and attended Baltimore Public Schools, City College High School in Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, and the Journalism School and Teachers' College of Columbia University.

After joining Vista in 1965, he was drafted and served in Vietnam as a journalist. He was a newspaper reporter for the Charlotte Observer from 1969 to 1973. He then embarked on his career in education.

Maniloff treasured life and loved the Baltimore Orioles, American history, Judaism, the Democratic Party, his son Peter and daughter-in-law Anne, and Alice Harkins Maniloff (M.A.T. ’71), his wife of 44 years.

A graveside service will be held at the Judea Reform Cemetery at 2560 Jones Ferry Road in Chapel Hill at 1 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 10. The family will be at 201 Douglas Road, Chapel Hill.

The family asks that people who want to honor him to make a donation to your local public library in his memory.